BLUE VS. RED: Rated PG RollerGirls Exhibition Game!

Get ready to check out some derby!!

The 3 teams in the Rated PG RollerGirls League (Damned Dolls, Killer Kittens, Roll 'Ya Banditas) have been mixed up and divided into two teams: Red & Blue

They are ready to put on an exhibition game and show you what derby is all about.

Saturday, January 17th @ The Civic Centre
Afternoon game, with after party to follow for those that want to continue the fun. And there will be live entertainment at half time.
ALL AGES (Children under 12 must be accompanied by Adult)

Tickets will be available at Meow Records, or from members of the Blue & Red Teams.
On sale December 12th!

$8 for non-members
$5 for members
Members can buy as many of the tickets at $5 as they like.