First Inter-League Bout A Success!!

The RPGRGs first ever inter-league bout against the Okanagan Peach Tarts last Saturday (April 17) went extremely well. The final score was 260 to 63 for RPGRGs. Although there was a big spread in the score, the Peach Tarts did amazingly well considering it was their second bout ever; they played with extreme heart and effort. We look forward to playing them again in the future, perhaps on their own turf. This bout also saw the debut of the PG Derby Brats - which the crowd loved.
Bout turnout was great; ~ 460 tickets were sold.
A huge thanks to all of the rollergirls for skating your asses off - all that training and practice shows! Also big thanks to the officials for keeping everyone in line. And last but not least, thank to all the volunteers; security, door people, bartenders, DJ, scorekeeper, and our ever-so-entertaining announcers; we couldn't do it without you guys!
Stay tuned for photos - and updates about future events!