January Player Profile: Sistah Viberosis

Name: Sistah Viberosis
Number: 23
Sistah is a hard-hitting, fast-skating member of the Rated PG Rollergirls. When she's not on the track though, she's a mother to two small children (Laurel age 5 and Charlie age 3), a wife, a forester, and a friend. She loves knit, sew clothes, spoil her friends and family, and cook awesome food. Plus, she loves to learn something new every year (usually sport related).

Your Relationship with Derby

When did you get started playing roller derby?
About 3 years ago.

What is your preferred (roller derby) position?
I like them all, but power hitting is my forte.

What is the significance of your derby number?
It used to be my rugby number.

What is your favourite aspect of derby?
The community of amazing people

Describe your most memorable derby moment.
The first Rated PG Rollergirls bout at the civic centre--Red versus Blue. Everyone was pumped at the end of the bout, and it didn't matter who won or lost--we actually pulled it off after about a year of practice and organization!! All of the kids in the audience came down to track-side and the Rollergirls skated around and gave them all high fives. We felt like Rock-Stars!!

What is your favourite off-track workout?
Running, swimming, biking, skiing, hiking, snowboarding.

Do you have any bout-day rituals, habits, or superstitions? If so, what are they?
Not really. I try to stay as calm and positive as possible. I try to be in an easygoing and fun mood, because I want all of the women on the team to feel awesome, ready, and confident. The annihilation will come at bout time! And I guess the wielding of a running chainsaw is starting to become a ritual at bouts as well.

Do you have a motivational quote?
Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, and sometimes you're the ball!

Do you have a themesong?
"Oh My Golly," by the Pixies

You were the team Captain for the White team at out most recent bout (Skatefest in PG). Although your team was down by twenty points for the first half, they came back strong in the second half and won 181 to 165. Any tips or tricks for keeping your team mates inspired and motivated?
At the beginning of the game, most of the players were kind of nervous, and some were doubting their skills. I asked everyone what they wanted to accomplish during the bout, and everyone came up with a kick-ass answer. At half-time I reminded people of their goals from the beginning of the game . . . I tried to encourage and pump up individuals and remind them how awesome they are! And I don't know what happened in the second half of the game, but I distinctly remember that the team simply gelled at a certain moment and started to kick more ass. I love seeing confidence grow and evolve over the course of a bout--both in individual team mates and in the team as a whole. It is infectious.

Advice for Fresh Meat and Potential Fresh Meat
Any advice for new skaters that might be scared to interact with veteran skaters?
Intimidation is hard to overcome. The first step is to put on your skates and say hi. For new skaters, if there is a veteran skater that you click with, stick with them. She will help you out during practice in learning and developing your skills. Over time you will start to get to know all of the Rollergirls and you will be glad that you did. Don't worry about how skilled you are, because at some point we [veterans] were all struggling with even standing up on skates!! If you can, join us for refreshments after practice from time to time, and participate in the fundraising activities too.

Any advice for girls who want to joing derby?
Come out and skate!!! Thursday nights from 7-8 is always Fresh Meat practice [at the Roll A Dome]. Sunday afternoon public skate is also a good time to come out to the Dome and meet some Rollergirls. Check out the Rated PG Rollergirls Facebook page and the bulletin at the Dome too.