(Late) Update on Our Oil City Bout

The Rated PG Rollergirls took their third inter-league win when they played the Oil City Tank’er Girls in Edmonton last weekend! Coached by Docta H. Dawg (who took over coaching duties after fracturing her wrist at our bout against Lake City) and Dirty Alice, our skaters battled a close game to finish with a 39 point lead (174 to 135).

Some things to note, for those of you who have been following the PG derby scene: Countess Bashory played her first bout as a Rated PG Rollergirl. Ms. Eerie is back! And, after being sidelined for the last two games due to a fractured ankle, Cruely Sue came back to score a whopping 75 points!

Many thanks to Oil City for hosting; to our refs for their outstanding refereeing; and to the Red Deer Belladonna players, Smacktastic and Lexis on Fire, who joined our team on the track! Rated PG can't wait for a rematch against the Tank'er Girls--April 9th at the Roll-A-Dome!