March Player Profile: Cruely Sue

Name: Cruely Sue
Number: FU2

Those of you who have been following PG derby can vouch for the fact that Cruely is one of the fastest skaters on our track. What you may not know is that she's PG born and bred, she has a five-year-old daugher, she works at Top Drawer Yarn Studio, and she just launched a kick-ass crafting blog with Scissor Tits (aka ohsweetie, Diandra Jurkic-Walls). Oh yeah, and she hits like a half-tonne pickup.

1. What is your derby number?
My number used to be x0, but i changed it last season to fu2, which is a little more 'me'. Let's just say i swear often.

2. What is your preferred (roller derby) position and why do you prefer it?
My favorite position is being the Jammer because the strategy involved is intense. Oh, and I absolutely love all the glory! And the fame!!

3. When and why did you start playing roller derby?
I started playing derby when the Rated PG league began, I had just moved back home to PG and my bff Sweet n Loaded was the captain of the Damned Dolls (one of our old interleague teams). I couldn't believe I passed my minimum skills, there were some skills that I had never done before.

4. Did you have any experience skating before you joined?
I grew up in PG and we are lucky to have the Roll-A-Dome (now the PG Dome) space. When I was in high school, I dabbled in Christianity and went to a few 'teen skate nights' at the Dome in the 90's. I never did accept Jesus into my heart but i did learn how to get around on quad skates.

5. How many hours a week do you train?
I usually train for derby 5-6 days a week. We are practicing three nights a week now, and I will sometimes double up with an extra workout on less strenuous practice nights. I do the Roller Derby Workout twice a week, plus plyometrics, and upper body/arm workout. I'm also trying to do more cardio outside of practice time, my goal is to do at least one 5km run once a week.

6. What is your favourite off-track workout?
I really love doing fusion class (yoga/pilates). It is a great workout and really improves overall strength and balance.

7. What is your favourite aspect of derby?
The booty shorts! I really love the transformation of women's confidence as they improve their derby skills over time and become more fit. Usually fresh meat show up in baggy shorts until they find their inner derby girl and start sporting progressively smaller and smaller shorts because they've realized, "Hey, I'm a hot mamma".

8. You fractured your ankle playing soccer this past summer, and had to stay off your skates while you were recovering, what did you do to stay involved in the Derby scene?
Well, at first I wallowed in self-pity for a few months until my ankle healed well enough that I wasn't hobbling around. Once I (finally) got my poopie pants off about derby I took over coaching the Rated PG Roller Girls. We started doing dryland training once a week, twice weekly practices, and went down to Williams Lake to play the Lake City Derby Girls. I loved coaching the girls! What a great and supportive bunch of women. I sadly stepped down as coach after SK8FEST in October and started skating again.

9. While your injury wasn't from derby, there is a degree of risk involved in the sport. In addition to getting good quality protective gear, what can derby skaters (and potential derby skaters) do to reduce the risk of injury?
It is really important to practice falling as much as you practice skating! It takes time to teach your body to kick the 'don't fall' instincts. Practice using your pads to protect yourself from falls, fall small, and sprint back into the pack.

10. Any advice for girls who want to join roller derby?
I think that girls should do training outside of derby practice. You don't have to do a lot, you don't even have to have a gym membership. There are tons of workouts that you can do in your living room, outside, or anywhere. I firmly believe that If you work out derby will be way more fun. Being healthy and active makes you feel invincible at derby and life!

Come out and see how she rolls at our next bout on March 12th!