May Player Profile: Torrent Skullpin

Name: Torrent Skullpin
Number: H2O

Torrent is a big fan favorite. If you're been to one of our bouts, you've probably heard her name being cheered. Heck, you were probably cheering it out yourself. Fair enough. She's an incredibly fast and agile jammer, and that's something to cheer about!
Off the track a lot of her passion is directed to the natural world and biology. At the same time, she has a major redneck side, and she finds it difficult to pass up an opportunity to slug back some beers outside around a fire or twist the throttle of her 250cc dirt bike.

1. How did you choose your derby name?
Torrent sculpin is a fish found in the Columbia River in the Kootenays, where I am from. I am also studying to be a fish biologist so the name holds double meaning for me.

2. What is your preferred (roller derby) position and why do you prefer it?
Jammer, because I am a slippery little skullpin ;) ie: I can get through holes in the pack much better than I can make them!

3. When and why did you start playing roller derby?
I started skating when the league first started up in 2008, but I was too busy with school to commit. As soon as classes ended, I jumped on the opportunity to release my aggressions! I used to snowboard 60+ days a season in the Kootenays, but the local mountains around PG just do not offer me the challenge I was used to. Derby filled the void. Not to mention the thrill of getting on roller skates again and doing it in a mini skirt!

4. How has the league changed in the time that you’ve been involved?
At first the leagues goal was to have 4 full teams of skaters, but now it's focussed on one kickass team of women! Our bouts are getting better each time as we refine our setup. We started out at the Civic centre with dry events, and we moved to the Roll A Dome, where we used the upstairs for a segregated beer garden. Now we have an ever-growing track-side beer garden! The energy in the Dome with all those happy fans is really incredible. The family section is great too, but the beer garden seems to cheer a little louder ;)

5. How have you changed in the time that you’ve been involved in derby?
Derby is the first team sport I have actively participated in so I guess I am learning the ins and outs of the team environment and how a team grows and is shaped by the individuals that make up the whole.

6. Aside from derby practices, how do you stay in shape?
Ummm, haha. I have a large dog who gets me out walking twice a day and I get out for the odd run or climb up random gravel hills or the cutbanks. Roller skating around my neighbourhood is one of my favourites :)

7. What is your favourite aspect of derby?
Definitely the sheer fun of wheeling around on skates. I feel like a kid every time I lace up :)

8. Describe your most memorable derby-moment.
My first time on the jammer line in my first bout. I was shaking with nerves. You have a pretty big target on your back as a jammer. It can be scary out there when women twice your size have full intentions of hitting you as hard as they can.

9. Any advice for girls who want to join roller derby?
Don't be intimidated by the girls who have been skating a lot longer than you! Derby is a steep learning curve. It took me a long time before I felt like I was actually aware of what was going on around me (which is A LOT) while in the pack!

10. You always paint your face elaborately before a game, and the fans love it! What made you decide to use face paints, and how do you come up with ideas for each game?
I started painting my face right from my very first bout. I wanted to do something fun for the fans but I am not very skilled with traditional make up applications to create an elaborate look so I went with a black and white skull look that sort of plays off my derby name. The look evolved with ideas I have taken from the internet but I have found one I like and stick with it for now. Seeing the looks on the kids faces when I did my derby zombie last October was pretty fantastic.

11. Word on the track is you just got accepted into grad studies in Edmonton. (Congratulations!) Do you plan on continuing with derby after you leave PG?
I will be taking a break over the summer because I will be spending most of my time doing field work in the North West Territories but I hope to have enough time in September to start skating with our good friends Oil City!
I have so many great memories to take with me from my time as a Rated PG Rollergirl and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am sure I will look back on these times when I am old with a tear or two in my eyes!
Thanks for the hits ladies!!!

Better get your tickets for May 14 so you can see her jam for PG in one last bout!