Coming Soon to a Derby Track Near You!

Derby Season is upon us, and the Rated PG Rollergirls have some exciting events coming up! First off, Oct. 22 there will be a a bootcamp, where new and beginning skaters who haven't passed their minimum skills test can work on developing basic skills and a basic understanding of gameplay. We would like to have skaters from all over the region to come and skate together and play together. The registration deadline is Oct. 22, but get on it a.s.a.p to take advantage of early-bird registration prices!

Second, we're holding our second annual Skatefest and would like to invite all qualified rollerderby players to attend! Last year's bout was a huge hit, and this year we're looking forward to hosting and playing with skaters from all over the region. Mixed teams will be developed based on skill levels to create equally matched teams to ensure a fantastic, competitive bout. AND (wait for it), this year, in addition to an invitational bout, we are also offering a bootcamp coached by Lulu Demon and 8 Mean Wheeler from TCRG! Heck yeah!