Saturday Bout Pics!

If you were there, you know how awesome the game was. If you weren't, don't miss out on our next game, February 16th against Grande Prairie. 
Don't forget to get your new merch, 
we have new high-vis toques and tees for everyone in our new team colours. 
Be sure to wear your high-vis to the game 
and enter your name in the draw for a RPGRG t-shirt!
Keep it classy, P.G.! 
Hippie Checkinya celebrates her 2nd RPGRG game
Ripley checks in with Jam Timer The Con at game's end. 
Miss Brown (RPGRG) takes Crazy Train (GPCRG) for a ride to the track boundary
Rock-it-Man makes it known that his jammer is Lead.
Ruthless Red powers through the first track corner.
Click on any photos to go to Herb Martin's photo page for the event.