Rated PG WINS over Tournament City 157-147

photo by Eff-Stop (Herb Martin)
Your Rated PG Rollergirls held the lead for most of the game last night in arguably the most evenly matched derby game we've seen here in P.G.. With the number of power jams (opposing jammer in the penalty box) piling up for both teams, 
it could have been anyone's game. 
Thanks to the volunteers, travelling skaters and refs, and all of our RPG Officials, 
Refs, and Skaters. 

Get your tickets to the final Home Game of the Season for the Rated PG Rollergirls, 
they'll be taking on Energetic City Rollergirls from Ft. St. John. 
Tickets $10 and are available May 1st at Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo and Books & Co
photo by Eff-Stop (Herb Martin)