"Derby Takes Blood, Sweat, and Tears..."

The Rated PG Rollergirls and Referees will be at Canadian Blood Services on Wednesday, October 30th at 1pm to give blood! 

"Giving blood supports an important part of our healthcare system. We are happy to be able to donate to Canadian Blood Services throughout the year. We actually have quite a few donors among our ranks." Laura Sapergia (aka Cruely Sue) "The needle hurts a lot less than a hit from Sistah Viberosis, at least that's what we tell our gals the first time they donate". 

"Roller Derby takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but we like to keep our blood off the track as much possible" says Kathy Klyne (aka Katt Von Doom), "We are glad to donate it to Canadian Blood Services. Our team is also never one to back down from a challenge, so we are happy to take part in PG's quest to beat Kelowna in the Drive for Life Competition." 

We would like to invite all of our fans to give Canadian Blood Services a call to see if they can donate. Call today! 1-888-2DONATE