SK8FEST marks the beginning of the new derby season for the Rated PG Rollergirls and our Officials crew. 
SK8FEST is also an invitational bout so that means that we invite skaters and officials from all over to come to Prince George to take part in a full day of derby. First they'll attend clinics and bootcamps, then have a short break until... GAME TIME! Then of course, there's the after party. This year we've got skaters and officials coming from all over B.C. and Alberta 
to join your local rollergirls and refs bring in the new year...of derby! 

MORE: Rated PG started holding the SK8FEST bout 5 years ago as a way to support our own growing league and other skaters in the area. We wanted to be able to show our sisterly love for all those derby girls in small towns whose leagues weren't big enough to fill a roster, travel, or play much derby at all. We thank our lucky stars that we've got such a supporting fan and friend in Al from the PG Dome. 
Rated PG is unique in that we have a skating surface that is open all year round. Most other leagues (including Terminal City in Vancouver) have to cater their derby season to times when the ice is off the rinks. This is sadly the situation faced by most other derby teams in Northern B.C.. We are elated to be able to host the SK8FEST skaters and officials here in P.G. and give them a fun time just as their own beloved skating surfaces disappear under a thick veneer of solid ice until spring.