RPG trys out for Team Canada!

  Some of your very own Rated PG skaters took part in the Team Canada try-outs in Chilliwack last weekend. The competition was fierce and the expectations were high.
"I knew things were going to be tough when the first drill was 3 one footed transitions on the straightaway" says Ruthless Red.

Katt Van Doom, Sistah Vibrosis, Ruthless Red, Hawberry Jam, Miss Brown Smackdown, Hippie Checkinya, Sara-bellum and Yardsale all took part in the drills and skills portion of the day which saw skaters from all over BC and Alberta taking part. "There were about 60-70 girls there trying out, all of them amazing skaters" says Katt Van Doom. All the skaters were split into 3 teams to complete the skills, then moved on to one-on-one, two-on-one and three wall blocking drills.

The final stage of the day was scrimmage where only 30 skaters were asked to take part. Sara-bellum and Yardsale were among the few chosen to skate in the epic match. "Sara-bellum butt punched a jammer out of play early in the first half. Yardsale jammed and showed her amazing ability to stay in play" says Katt Van Doom. Ruthless red adds, "the caliber of the game was intense, they were up on their toe-stops hopping around the whole time. It was a whole new level of derby." The two were cheered on by a wall of orange supporters. And this day wasn't just for the skaters, head ref Captain Dantastic was able to show off his skills as an outsife pack ref during the scrimmage.

The event was a star-studded affair with derby legends like Easy Break Oven, Kim Janna, Eight Mean Wheeler and Buffy Sainte Fury in attendance.

The day finished with exhaustion and pride as coach Loki watched her team compete on the National level. No one will know who made the team until all the try-out clinics across the country have been completed, but we sure have our fingers crossed.