Northern Exposure Roller Derby Tournament

The Rated PG Rollergirls are proud to announce the Northern Exposure Roller Derby Tournament, happening at the Prince George Roll-a-Dome on March 22 and 23, 2014!

Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo and PWB Brewing proudly sponsor Northern Exposure!!

Rated PG Rollergirls are hosting their first tournament with the support of their sponsors Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo and PWB Brewing !! Six teams from all over are coming together to take the track and determine who will conquer NORTHERN EXPOSURE!!
Teams to watch for: TCDD Deadlies from Kamloops, North Coast Nightmares! Terrace Roller Derby, Gold Pain City Derby Girls from Quesnel, Grim Reapers from Grimshaw AB, Grande Prairie Roller Derby Association Rage N Fyre, and Rated PG Rollergirls.

This is a two day event, spectator passes are available for $20 for both days, or $10 for a single day. These will be available at the door!

Games start at 8:30am on Saturday and the last game on Sunday is at 2:15.

There will be a Beer Garden on Saturday night that opens at 6pm and Sunday afternoon opening at 2pm.

 Schedule (tentative)
8:30am Gold Pain vs. Grim Reapers
10:15am Rated PG vs. Nightmares
12:00 Deadlies vs. Winner of game 1
1:45pm Rage N Fyre vs. Winner of game 2
3:30pm Loser of game 2 vs. Loser of game 3
6:15 Loser game 1 vs. Loser game 4
7:45 Winner of game 3 vs. winner of game 4

9:00 am Winner of game 5 vs. winner of game 6
10:45 am Loser of game 7 vs. winner of game 8
12:30 winner of game 7 vs. winner of game 9
2:15pm Only played if the team who loses game 10 is their first loss and the two teams from game 10 want to play again! Otherwise, we will scrimmage!