Alfredo's Pub Night with Rated PG!

On June 14, 2014 the Rated PG Rollergirls went to one of the best parties of the season! Thank you to everyone who came out to Alfredo's for our dinner/karaoke pub night! The food was delicious, the staff was friendly, the silent auction prizes were delightful, and the karaoke was...well, the karaoke was nothing short of amazing! See for yourself!

Thanks to Alfredo's staff and regulars for letting us take over the best karaoke spot in town for an evening! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Rated PG with raising funds for our team!

The Grey Team is travelling to Kamloops to play the TCDD Wrecker's on June 21 and the Orange Team is heading out to Grande Prairie to play Rage 'N' Fyre on June 28. Your generous donations will help us with our travel costs and accommodation while representing Prince George in other cities. Thank you again!