Iceman 2017 - Congratulations!

Congratulations to the athletes from Rated PG Roller Derby who competed in yesterday's 30th annual Iceman competition. Jawbreaker (Jocelyn Peel), Jenna Raider (Jenna Rae), Ruthless Red (Stephanie Forsyth), Amy Grindhouse (Katie Mroz), and Sistah Viberosis (Denise Kerr Hogue) rep'd RPG in the team event.

The multi-sport event includes solo and team categories, and is comprised of 5 events. Check out this excerpt from the event's website:

"The day starts with an 8km cross-country ski at the Otway Nordic Ski Centre. Next, it’s onto a 10km run from the Ski Centre along Otway Road, up Foothills Boulevard to the Outdoor Ice Oval. Next, you guessed it, it’s a 5km skate (12 laps) around the Oval. Following the skate, there is 5km run heads south from the Oval to 22nd Avenue and then winds through the Pinewood subdivision and out to Ospika.  The route then heads north on Ospika to 18th Avenue and west to the Aquatic Centre.  Last but not least, is an 800m swim (yes, this part is indoors!)."

As well as the team entry, Rated PG's very own Rock-it Man competed in the solo category and had a "very impressive" performance. Best known as one of the league's founding refs, and for his running exploits, Rock-it has also competed in the Iceman for several years.

Way to go RPG! I have a hunch next year will be even bigger and better ;)