Northern Exposure 2017 - coming soon!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, Northern Exposure 2017! The fourth annual roller derby tournament is set to kick off at 7pm on April 21 ath the Roll-a-dome, with an 80s themed dance and skate, followed by a beer gardens (off skate, of course).

The next day 6 teams from around BC and Alberta will meet on the flat track at the Roll-a-dome, with games running from 9am through the day on Saturday, and 8:30am on Sunday. We are pleased to host our Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprentice Program sponsors from the Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA), and are excited about having them join us on the track in PG. Other teams include your favourites, the Northcoast Nightmares, Gold Pain City, and the Killbillies, as well as NWO from Chilliwack, and Grimshaw from Alberta.

The marquis game for the tourney will be a "mock-sanctioned" game at 7pm on Saturday, April 22 between Rated PG's Northstars and CRDA's Jane Deeres. The mock-sanctioned game is a requirement of the WFTDA Apprenticeship Program, and Rated PG is a proud new member, seeking full member status.

See your favourite rollergirl for tickets, or you can also buy them at Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo. Also, check out the Facebook Event Page for more info.