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Interested in Roller Derby?

"I would play roller derby but I'm too old."

"I've never played a sport before."

"I'm not fit enough."

"I don't know how to skate."

"Isn't roller derby just for girls?"

We've heard it all and we're here to tell you once and for all...YES YOU CAN! Roller derby is a very inclusive sport with skaters and referees from a lot of different backgrounds and skill levels. Most of our players, even the high-level ones, hadn't even put on a pair of roller skates before starting their first Fresh Meat program. And, with two women's teams, a mixed gender team, and a junior team, there's room for everyone! 


Fresh Meat is a 15-week program ran twice a year in our league. The program teaches you how to skate and the basics of roller derby. The program is meant to help you pass the WFTDA minimum skills test which will allow you to practice with our home team, the Rollergirls. No need to have any roller derby or skating background. The program is open to all genders, you must be 18+ to participate. We have gear that you can borrow, all you need is a mouthguard! Contact our Facebook page for information on how to join the junior team.

For information about upcoming Fresh Meat programs, please see our Facebook page.