Rated PG Northstars

The Northstars are RPGRD's A-level travel team. They represent a competitive group of women with ambitious goals. The Northstars are a WFTDA (women's flat track roller derby association) level team. In 2018 the team travelled as far as Hilo, Hawaii to compete against other WFTDA level teams. The Northstars include skaters locally from Prince George, BC as well as satellite skaters from as far as Terrace, BC.

Rated PG Rollergirls

The Rollergirls are RPGRD's B-level home team. Skaters graduating from the Fresh Meat program are invited to practice on the home team. The goal of the Rollergirls is to play derby in a fun, but still competitive atmosphere. Practices focus on building individual skills and basic roller derby strategy. 

Pulp City Woodpeckers

The Woodpeckers are the league's co-ed team. The team, recently out of hiatus, includes skaters of all genders and of a variety of skill levels. Most of the team practices with the Rated PG Rollergirls to help build skill and strategy. The goal of the Woodpeckers is to play mixed gender roller derby games against teams in BC. 

Spruce City Roller Brats

The Spruce City Roller Brats are the league's junior team. Skaters of all genders between the age of 10 and 18 are welcome to skate with the Roller Brats. The Brats represent young skaters from a variety of skill levels. The Brats' practices are focused on learning skating and roller derby skills in a fun and encouraging environment. No skating experience is required. If you know a junior interested in roller derby, contact our Facebook page or send us an e-mail!

Team Zebra

Our league could not survive without the most important team of all...Team Zebra! Our talented group of referees and NSOs (non-skating officials) work hard with our skaters to make sure they are following and understanding the many rules of roller derby. Our league values all of our officials as much as any of our other teams. Not interested in being a player but still want to stay involved in the sport? Consider becoming a ref or non-skating official!